About Loni Haskell

Welcome to my site!

I am first and foremost a follower of Christ, a wife to my amazing husband, and a mom to my awesome four kiddos!

I am a professional interior designer, and owner of a construction and real estate company! I went to UNC for interior design and quickly decided that was not the school
I was going to best learn design from! Therefore, over the years (a lot of years) , I self taught myself!

I’ve been asked a lot why I ended up in this field. I think when I was continuously grounded for moving furniture around, painting without my parents permission, or wallpapering my entire bedroom with printed paper towels when the printed ones first came out on shelves; I quickly realized my passion!

I love all things design, fashion and everything that life has to offer! My passion however, is transforming spaces to give a breath of fresh air with an artistic flare that brings excitement to the eyes and serenity to the soul!

Have a look around and enjoy some of my favorite home decor and fashion items I have come to love!

Thank you for being here!

~ Loni